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Donnersberg is a gothic block-letter typeface designed for easy handwriting. It is based on forms of the gothic cursive and of other blackletter styles. Its simple letter forms are suitable for both broad-nib and pointed-nib writing. I made first drafts for this typeface around 2008. Other gothic block-letter typefaces have previously been published by Mr. Dannmeier and by Mr. Poschenrieder. In his “Manual of blackletter typefaces” (“Handbuch der Frakturschriften”), Wolfgang Hendlmeier has written the following about blackletter typefaces designed after 1941:

Auch beachtliche Schriften in einem neuen und doch ansprechenden Stil sind entstanden. Hier seien unter mehreren guten Schriften als Beispiele genannt die Schriften „Gryffensee“ von Christian Thalmann und die „Donnersberg“ von Joshua Krämer, beide aus dem Jahr 2013.
(Translation: Remarkable typefaces in new but appealing styles have also been created. Those good typefaces include for example “Gryffensee” by Christian Thalmann and “Donnersberg” by Joshua Krämer, both published 2013.)